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Seis artistas ibero-americanos, en compañía de docenas de caminantes, han labrando esta visión del camino de La Ruta de las Almas.
Six Iberian-American artists, in the company of dozens of other travelers, have worked to pave this vision of the Road of the Souls.   
David Arenal
​​Cinematographer / Editor / Photographer


David Arenal es sociólogo, educador social, animador sociocultural, fotógrafo y creador audiovisual. Tras casi quince años trabajando en diversos proyectos socioculturales y educativos, hoy se dedica de lleno a Cine sin Autor y a los servicios audiovisuales para otros proyectos. Es participante en el colectivo desde su fundación.

Javier Monteverde
Sound Engineer / Mixing & Mastering


Javier Monteverde is a sound engineer, owner and president of Cezanne Producciones in Madrid, Spain. Since opening his recording studio, he has recorded and mastered over 120 musical productions for major companies such as Sony-BMG, Warner, Universal, Naxos, Verso, Non Profit Music, etc. specializing in classical music, jazz, world music and acoustic pop.


Interested in quality music and musicians and artists who execute it, has been concerned to engage in artistic productions that bring artistic quality and outstanding sound to the musical scene of the moment. 

Pavel Urkiza 

Productor / Director / Inspirador

Producer / Director / Inspiration


Pavel Urkiza is a musical producer, composer, and interpreter of great sensitivity and connection to world musical cultures. He arranges, records and produces his own and other artist’s musical works. In addition to working on La Ruta, Pavel has just completed a new music CD that will soon be available internationally. Click here to go to Pavel's page.

And here to read Pavel's full Bio.

El Equipo de Producción / The Production Team 

Ana Maria Kleymeyer

Production / Communication / Fundraising Video & Sound 


Ana María is a globetrotting writer, educator, musician,  and environmental lawyer. She's currently working on a book about women in migration, a novel about wine, and La Ruta de las Almas.  A year ago she founded Instruments for Change, an organization that supports projects that are transforming the world in positive ways. She loves music, dancing, yoga, communing with nature, photography, languages, traveling, qi, love, and life.  


On the Road of the Souls she fills many roles, from executive producer to videographer and webdesigner.  She considers this project one of life's greatest adventures.

Dani Rodriguez
​​Edición de video / Video Editor


Dani Rodriguez is the founder and director of "Spin-off Ficción" a Canary Islands-based production company for a wide variety of fiction projects in all kinds of media.  He has been involved in founding and growing a wide variety of creative start ups.  He has also written and directed for the theater and for film, and does all aspects of film production.  


For the Road of the Souls he has worked as Editor extraordinaire. 

Wanda Pacheco​​
​​Production / Vidéo y Fotografía



Wanda Pacheco is the founder and president of Wataka Phi-Na Inc, a non-profit organization dedicated to fomenting psychological well-being through the arts and other personal and collective healing techniques in Puerto Rico.  Her passion for culture has led her to produce and delivery a radio program called "Coolturearte" for over three years on the internet station Bonita Radio. She also helps to promote and program local and regional musicians to play in Puerto Rico and has been a driving force behind the production of the Road of the Souls.  

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